The gentleman amp is an amp around 40 watts, with tube spring reverb, and tube tremolo; with ample headroom and pristine clean tone (due to the oversized output – grain orientated M6 steel – transformer.
A pair of 6L6GCs and SS rectifier offer dynamics, tighter bass, sweet clean tone, and crunchy overdrive when pushed hard.  

It is based on our Stingray amp but with a little more tweaking. 


  • Master volume
  • Line out
  • Custom covering
  • Head or Combo
Bias Adjustable
Preamp tubes 3 x 12AX7/ECC83, 2 x 12AT7
Power tubes 2 x JJ 6L66GC
Rectifier SS, GZ34 (optional)
Watt ~40W
Jensen C12K –  (standard)
Celestion Neo Creamback 12″
Jupiter Condenser LC12
Construction Solid pine with dovetail joints
Birch plywood Baffle  
Weight ~15k

Video coming soon