The Supreme series was born after we serviced an original Valco® Supro® amp from the 50’s, that came into the shop one day.
Its unique cleans, and incredible roar and dirt when pushed into overdrive, was really unbelievable from this little 5W class A tube amp.
Our take on this model pushes voltages a bit to add a bit more headroom, adds better filtering for tighter bass, and applies some tweaks.
Along with the 10″ speaker designed by amp guru George Alessandro for Eminence® is a combination that is ideal for small venues and great for recording.

This amp has a  bigger sized cabinet for better sound projection and also to be able to accommodate a 12″ speaker.

Bias Cathode bias
Preamp tubes 1 x 12AX7/ECC83
Power tubes 2 x 6V6GT
Rectifier GZ34 / 5AR4
Watt ~13W
Eminence® 10″ speaker driver designed by George Alessandro 
Construction Solid pine with dovetail joints
Birch plywood Baffle  

Video coming soon