The Kingston is our version of the famous Fender© “Brownface” Princeton ® amp (model 6G2), with bias “wiggle” tremolo on-board.
With better, filtering, better wiring, swichable pre-amp bias, smoother tone control, switchable NFB, and adjustable bias 

Bias Fixed / Adjustable biased
Preamp tubes 2 x 12AX7 
Power tubes 2 x 6V6 
Rectifier 5Y3 
Watt 5W
Jensen C12R (standard) / P12R (upgrade).
Output transformer Custom wound
Power transformer Custom wound
Construction Solid pine with dovetail joints
Birch plywood baffle 
Dimensions  (W) 53cm, (H) 43cm, (D) 23.5cm
Weight ~15 kilos