El Chapo


The El Chapo is an aggressive amp, capable of going from gritty clean to full grit as you turn the dial. 

It is based on the famous JTM 45® but is a single ended design. Powered by 1 x 6550 in the power section & 2 x 12AX7 tubes in the pre-amp  section is capable of producting 20 Watts of raw power and grit..

It sports  a 6-position  variable selector  (Freaq) that filters out specific frequencies in each position, and can be used to produce a whole range of different tones. Alongside the Freq switch, there is also a Bass, Treble, Middle to complete the EQ shaping. 

Output is controlled by the Level potensiometer, which acts as a master volume.

front controls: Volume, freq, bass, middle, treble, level, on/off, standby, light indicator
back panel controls: Power, mains fuse, h.t. fuse, ohm selector (4,8,16), main speaker out, external cabinet.