The Kingston amp is based on the “brown” American amplifiers of the early sixties.
A significant step ahead from the “tweed” amps of the 50’s, that lay the ground for the later “blackface” series of the early to late 60’s.
Our version enhances and slightly modifies the original circuit so it can accept custom features and make it more versatile.

Technical details
Fixed Bias
Preamp tubes 2 x 12AX7/ECC83 (TAD 12AX7)
Power tubes 2 x 6V6 (Tung-sol 6V6GT re-issue)
Rectifier 5Y3 (TAD 5Y3)
Watt ~12W
JupiterCondenser, 12SC, Ribbed cone, 12″, 25W @ 8Ω
Output transformer Custom wound, and/or ClassicTone(R), and/or Hammond(R)
Power transformer Our own, custom wound.
Electrolytics F&T(r), Sprague(r) Atom(tm)
Coupling Jupiter Condenser
Mechanical  CTS(R), Switchcraft(R), Carling(R), Neutrik(R)
Construction Solid pine with dovetaile joints
Baffle made from Birch plywood
Dimensions  (W) 53cm, (H) 43cm, (D) 23.5cm
Weight 15k

Standard version as pictured. For custom options contact us

Demo by: Stathis Ioannou, Illegal Operation