Thursday, January 24, 2019
Hand Wired, All Tube Amplification

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Colorsound PB1 - THINLINE Series

This is our thinnest pedaboard case and is made for those who don't use a Wah pedal  (like the Dunlop(R) series
and/or Electro Harmonix(R) old type pedals (not the nano series but the original small stone, mistress, etc).

It is built out of light wood and covered with black tolex, silver protective corners, a heady duty - amp like- handle and safety locks.

The bottom is covered with black (female) velcro that secures your pedals nicely.

The choice of covering is up to you. Mainly we use the colors below, but we can also cover them with other materials (carpet, fur, leather, etc)

Available colors: Black, Brown,Tweed, White



Outer dimensions  

Height closed: 10cm
Width: 65cm
Depth: 35cm
Weight: 5 kilos

Inner dimensions:

Width: 63cm
Depth: 33cm
Max pedal height: 5 cm

Pedal capacity:

10 (Boss (R) or MXR (R) type pedals with right angled patch cables  & 12 pedals with a straight plug connection.


1 accessories compartment to store picks, cable, baterries, etc)

1 roll of thin velcro tape for securing cables togethether and/or to the bottom of the case


The pedalboard case with the pedals shown weighs 9 kilos.

This pedalboard case can not accomodate pedals taller than 5cm.  Another "top" can be made.

Go ahead, plug in to one!

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