Thursday, January 24, 2019

Hand Wired, All Tube Amplification

Hand wired, tube amplifiers and effects

We are fans of tube amplification for instruments and we're producing replicas of famous tube amplifiers for guitar & bass.
Our amplifiers & effects designs are based on vintage original designs, from the most well known American & British amplifier manufacturers, with some of our own tweaks and tricks.

Every colorsound amplifier and effect comes with a tube chart, an operations manual, schematics, and warranty card.

Our amps & effects are:

  • 100% hand made
  • point to point
  • tube driven 


Our amplifiers and effects are covered with a 5 year limited warranty

Custom made pedalboard cases

If you are serious about your pedals, you got to be serious with where you store and how you transport them.
A Colorsound pedal board case is a lightweight, roadworthy and convenient way to organise, protect and transport your effects pedals. The classy appearance and retro styling of our pedalboard cases complements your style and equipment.

The bottom of the case is covered with material on which velcro attaches very strongly,  allowing you to set up your pedals once (and be sure they stay there), but, at the same time, it allows you to modify the setup and order of your pedal effects fast and with ease.

Colorsound pedalboard cases are dressed with original Tolex and come in various colors.

Unlock the latches, remove the lid, plug in, and play!

The colorsound pedalboard cases are custom made to order.

You can have a name tag on it, or your band's name, and your choice of covering.
We can add whatever supplementary construction you need. (ie, compartment for cables & accessories, extra rack for a 2nd row of pedals, etc)
We can even print on it whatever theme you want! (on certain coverings)
Our pedalboards do not include a power supply.
All pedalboard case bottoms are dressed with material on which velcro attaches very securely.
One (1) meter of velcro is included for your pedals as well as a roll of thin "velcro tape" , so you can tie the power cables together and/or attach them to the surface of the case for a neat appearance.

All colorsound pedalboard cases carry a 1 year limited warranty


We also...

  • Service studio effects & equipment
  • Service, modify, Guitars & Basses (acoustic & electric)
  • Recover & Upholster amplifiers & cabinets
  • Build speaker cabinets
  • Make custom made effects (Tube theremins, attenuators, etc)
  • Service, Modify, Upgrade pedals

Go ahead, plug in to one!

Colorsound amplification is not in anyway affiliated with any other organizations baring the name 'Colorsound'
All other brand names mentioned in this website, are brand names of their respective companies
Colorsound amplification is based in Athens, Greece